Energy Efficient Electric Heaters

Energy Efficient Electric Heaters

Natural resources are in diminishing amounts on earth and hence alternative forms of energy are the hot topic these days. One if these alternative forms of energy are electrical energy, no one today is unfamiliar with it; the advantages of this form of energy are obvious. Natural sources such as gas and oil when used for heating purposes are only about 45% efficient, meaning that only 45% of the fuel burned is harnessed and used in heat production, the other 55% goes to waste. While on the other hand we have electrical heating, which are able to convert 100% of energy into heat. Hence the abundance of energy efficient electrical heaters can be seen in the market.

How do electrical heaters work?

Electrical heaters convert electrical energy into heat, with the very basic principle of joule. Inside the electrical heater is a resistor, when an electrical current passes through the resistor it causes resistance and hence coverts the energy into heat. Since all the electric current is converted into heat, electrical heaters are also known as energy efficient electrical heaters. The difference lies in the way they radiate and give out heat.

Electrical heaters with fans or other equipment in front for example are not 100% efficient as a small percentage of electricity is used by the fan, but even then these heaters are almost 95% efficient.

Costs of Energy efficient electric heaters

The costs of electrical heaters is higher than other forms of heating, since the cost of electricity is higher than the cost of gas or other forms of energy. But there are many brands now available which offer these heaters at low price and due to their efficiency, electrical costs can be cut down to quite a large extent. Since energy efficient electrical heaters are 100% efficient as they produce more heat with less source of energy compared to gas or oil heaters. Gas and oil heaters require larger amount of fuel to have the desirable effect. Below are a few electrical heaters and their price

Omega ceramic fan heater (87$)

Omega micathermic electrical panel heater cost up to 157$. Energy efficient electrical heaters are now largely available online.

The heating solution for you:

Passive heaters:

Passive electrical heaters depend on the natural environment that is the flow of air in a room. Hot air rises around the heater and is replaced by the cold air in the room forming a circulation. So it's a passive heater effectiveness depends on the placement of the heater in the room and the size of the room.

There are many types of energy efficient electrical heaters available in the market today, for domestic use and office uses. Many brands and types of heaters are available; this wide range gives you ample options to choose from. Now your heating needs will not go unmet, buy energy efficient electrical heaters for all your keep you warm during the harsh winters.

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